District Attorney’s Message


Public safety is the top priority of the Amador County District Attorney’s Office. Whether it is crime prevention, reducing recidivism, helping victims, being accessible to people, educating the public through public outreach, or being active in the community, the DA’s Office is proud of our contributions in making Amador County a safer place to live.

In 2007, we teamed up with the Amador County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO), the California Department of Justice, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and local law enforcement to form the Amador Narcotics Enforcement Unit (ACCNET), a drug task force which targets illegal drug manufacturing, sales and use in our community. In 2008, we continued our partnership with the Sheriff’s Office to create the Amador Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT), designed to assist the police departments in the investigation of major crimes committed within their jurisdiction. In collaboration with the Student Attendance Review Board and the Amador County Unified School District, we created a truancy program to boost school attendance, thereby increasing school district funds and student test scores.

Additionally, we held numerous public seminars educating citizens in the areas of elder abuse, internet crimes against children, and insurance fraud. We produced a workers’ compensation fraud training video in collaboration with the California State Department of Insurance. In the 2006-07 fiscal year, we generated $1.7 million in revenue, representing 43% of the criminal division’s budget, to augment general fund monies and provide our constituents with a higher level of service.

I am most proud of my hard-working, professional and dedicated staff. They view their service in the DA’s Office as more than just a job. They are public servants in the best meaning of the words. Even after work, you will see the DA’s Office staff coaching children in sports programs, raising money for the Camp Out for Cancer, volunteering at Sober Grad, seeking to improve teen driver safety education, and donating their time to more community programs, agencies, events and fundraising activities than can possibly be mentioned here.

We take our Mission Statement very seriously at the Amador County District Attorney’s Office and we live by our values every day. We continue to work with law enforcement and all of our community to make Amador safer.


Todd Riebe