Most Common Types of Worker's Compensation Fraud


Claimant Fraud

  • Claiming a job-related injury that never occurred
  • Claiming a non-work related injury as a work-related injury
  • Obtaining other employment while allegedly disabled and not reporting income
  • Exaggeration of symptoms
  • Falsifying reports, i.e., mileage, disability, medical

Employer Fraud

  • Under reporting payroll or misclassifying employees for lower insurance premiums
  • Deducting premium dollars from employee’s wages
  • Dissuading employees from claiming job-related injuries or seeking medical attention
  • Failing to provide employees required forms after a job-related injury
  • Knowingly failing to have necessary workers’ compensation coverage

Provider Fraud

  • Billing for services or treatment never performed
  • Billing the workers’ compensation insurer and the workers’ health insurer for the same services
  • Providing unnecessary testing or treatment of injured workers to recap financial benefit

Please contact our office at (209)223-6444 if you have any questions or concerns regarding workers' compensation insurance fraud.

The District Attorney’s Office recommends the following agencies for further assistance:

To report insurance fraud occurring outside of Amador, Calaveras,  Stanislaus and Tuolumne Counties: California Department of Insurance Fraud Division

To find out if a contractor is licensed and carrying workers’ compensation insurance: Contractors State License Board

Contractors State License Board 1(800)321-CSLB (2752):

Contractors State License Board Consumer Guides: Consumer Guides

DA - Report Workers' Compensation Fraud

You may use the form below to report workers' compensation fraud in Amador, Calaveras, Stanislaus and Tuolumne Counties. Please provide as much information as possible. The District Attorney's Office may wish to contact you for additional information. Your contact information is kept confidential.