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Victim and Community Resources


The staff of the Victim/Witness Assistance Program encourages you, as victims & witnesses to cooperate in the investigation of your case and the prosecution of the offender. To help, we can provide these important services to you.


Crisis and Emergency Services

Our staff offers crime-related crisis counseling and emergency services such as medical care and transportation. When, necessary, food, shelter, and clothing can be provided through a cooperative effort with other community agencies.


Court Information

Dealing with the criminal justice system can be intimidating, confusing and frustrating. We can explain your rights as a victim or witness and provide information about the process of the criminal justice system.


Case Status

We can give you current information about your court case – including the dates of court hearings and the final outcome of the case.


Court Support

Appearing in court can be intimidating and incontinent. A Victim/Witness advocate will accompany you and/or family members to court proceedings for support and notify the court when scheduled court dates present a conflict for you.


Referral Counseling

Our program is familiar with, local, state and national resources and can provide specific information so that you and members of your family can get the help you need.


Property Return

In some criminal cases, personal property is held as evidence by low enforcement or by the court. We can help get your property back after the case is concluded.


Employer Intervention

We can help your employer understand the emotional stress you may be experiencing as a crime victim, and we may intercede with him or her to explain why you must miss work for court/or other related reasons.


Restitution Assistance

If you have suffered a financial or property loss as a direct result of a crime, we can help you recover your loss my making it known to the court and requesting that restitution be ordered.


Victim Compensation Claims

Victims, or their families, may be eligible for reimbursement through California’s Victim of Crime Program for out-of-pocket expenses resulting from crime. Up to $46,000 may be recovered for medical and hospital expenses, lost wages or support, funeral expenses, mental health counseling, and job retraining for rehabilitation. We will advise you on your eligibility for the program and help prepare and submit a claim to state on your behalf.


Witness Fees

As a witness who has been subpoenaed by the prosecution, you are entitled to a nominal fee and mileage to come to court. Check in with our office on the day that you are to testify to make sure we have the information needed to request your compensation.



As a victim of a crime, you have the right to…

  • Be treated with dignity and compassion.
  • Be protected from intimidation and harm.
  • Be informed about criminal justice system and the case status of your case.
  • Be informed of social services and resources available in the community.
  • Have help dealing with the system and be accompanied to court for support.
  • Be compensated for injuries, wage loss and funeral expenses.